Biography of Asher, Julia Anna, b. 1873

Julia Anna (Short) Asher (b.1873) was a teacher and homesteader in Manitoba and Alberta during the late nineteenth century. Asher was one of six children, born in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Her parents were Julia Anna (Conklin) of Long Island, New York, and Joseph Short of Newcastle, Ontario. Asher's family left Ontario in 1878 to homestead in Illinois, moving to Manitoba in 1882. Asher was educated at home, at a Selkirk primary school between 1882-1884, and in Calgary where she received her teaching certificate in 1891. She began teaching in Okotoks, Alberta, followed by various Alberta schools between 1891 and 1900. In 1905, she married Elmer John Asher and relocated to Vernon, B.C. They had three children: Dick, Ethel, and Elmer. After teaching in Kelowna, B. C. (1900-1904), and on a Hutterite colony near Lethbridge, Alberta (1925-1926), Asher taught school in northern British Columbia.

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