Biography of Thompson, Frederick G. (Frederick George), 1886-1972

Frederick George Thompson (1886-1972) was born in Winnipeg. During World War I he served with the Winnipeg Grenadiers and was wounded during the Amiens campaign. After the war, he resumed his law practice, in which he continued until 1959. He played an important role during the General Strike when he organized anti-strike veterans into the Returned Soldiers Loyalist Association and led them in various activities designed to assist the authorities. From 1929 to 1943 he was a member of the Winnipeg School Board and from 1936 to 1943 he sat on City Council.

Mentioned in:


  1. Letter of 1919 from secretary of the Great War Veterans Association to the Winnipeg Trades and Labor Council and the Citizens' Committee of One Thousand
  2. Letter from Great War Veterans Assoication to returned soldiers 1919
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