Biography of Hind, E. Cora (Ella Cora), 1861-1942

Ella Cora Hind (1861-1942) was born in Toronto. She came to Winnipeg in 1882 and worked as a secretary because the Free Press would not hire her as a journalist, since it was popularly believed that journalism was an unsuitable job for a woman. Also, her main interest was agriculture, which was considered a man’s subject. But she was not discouraged and she continued to submit articles about it. In 1901she became agricultural editor of the Free Press. She was the first western female journalist and in 1904 she became president of the Canadian Women’s Press Club. During her career, she became famous for her amazingly accurate crop predictions. Among her other interests were temperance and women’s suffrage and in 1914 she participated in the mock parliament held in Winnipeg. The University of Manitoba awarded her an honorary LLD.

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