Biography of Granger, Arthur, ca. 1873-1959

Arthur “Pit” Granger was born about 1873 and arrived in Manitoba with his parents Arthur “Tom” Granger and Denise Dufresne in 1878. The Granger family settled along the Red River near St. Jean-Baptiste. A farmer, Granger married school teacher Victorine Vermette in 1897. Granger was one of the few in his area who spoke English and was often called upon as an interpreter. He served as secretary-treasurer of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Nord school district for 32 years, and after moving into the town of St. Jean-Baptiste, was a councilor for the Rural Municipality of Montcalm for 17 years. He died in 1959 Based on information from La Société historique de Saint-Boniface.

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  1. Entretien durant les années 1940 avec Arthur Granger, émigré des États-unis en 1878 et s'établissant près de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
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