Biography of Dambly, Aimé, 1882-1969

Born in 1882 at Ambly in the province of Namur, Belgium, Aimé Dambly was the son of an inventor of pharmaceutical products, Jean-Baptiste Dambly, and of Sophie Dassagnehe. He immigrated to Canada in 1911 and settled the following year in the parish of St. Norbert, where he married Octavie Zastre. He worked as a farm laborer for a number of individuals including Mgr Cherrier. He died in 1969 and was buried in the St. Norbert cemetery.

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  1. Livre comptable de mars à mai 1914 de Aimé Dambly, extrait, sans pagination
  2. Note d'autorisation du 10 janvier 1921 de Jean-Baptiste Dambly à Aimé Dambly
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