Biography of McLeod, Alan Arnott, 1899-1918

Alan Arnott McLeod (1899-1918) enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps on his eighteenth birthday. After brief duty with the Home Defense Squadron in England, he was sent to France. In 1918, he was wounded in an air battle but still managed to land the plane and rescue the man who had accompanied him as an observer. For his heroism he was awarded the Victoria Cross. He recovered from his injuries and returned to Canada. He died of the flu on November 6, 1918. (Based on information from Archives of Manitoba.)

Mentioned in:


  1. Letter 4 May 1917 from Wilfrid R. Snow to Alan Arnett McLeod
  2. Letter 2 April 1918 from Alan Arnett McLeod to his parents


  1. Distinguished Service Order, 3 April 1918, Alan Arnett McLeod
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